About ICDP

Continental scientific drilling allows to investigate the geological subsurface of the continents including its fluids and biosphere. As logistics and costs of such drilling campaigns are significant, the science communities of 24 nations joined during the last decades to form the International Continental Drilling Program (ICDP). Forces were merged to define highest-priority drilling goals through international collaborations. Switzerland joined the ICDP in 2008 as regular member, offering now the Swiss scientists the opportunity to propose, conduct and sample drilling operations anywhere on the continents.

General info

ICDP projects with Swiss participation

  • Lake Tanganyika Evolutionary Biology/Paleobiology/Geobiology, Africa
  • FULCRUM: Fucino Lake Chronological Record, Italy
  • LiMO: Carbonate Mound Drilling, Northern Spain
  • Afar Dallol Drilling Project, Afar region
  • DIVE: Drilling the Ivrea Verbano zonE, Italy
  • CHADRILL: Lake Chad Deep Drilling, Central Africa
  • DSeis: Drilling into seismogenic zones of M2.0 – M5.5 earthquakes in deep South African gold mines, South Africa
  • TROPICOL: Quaternary Tertiary Tropics - Colônia Sediment Archive Drilling Project, Brazil
  • DOVE: Drilling Overdeepend Alpine Valleys
  • IDRAS: International Drilling to Recover Aquifer Sands and Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater in Asia
  • Oman Ophiolite Drilling Project, Oman
  • DeepCHALLA: two glacial-interglacial cycles (ca. 250,000 years) of climate and ecosystem dynamics on the East African equator
  • TOWUTI: Lake Towuti Drilling Project, Indonesia
  • COSC-1 and 2: Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian Caledonides, Sweden
  • SCOPSCO: Scientific Collaboration On Past Speciation Conditions in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia, Albania
  • CFDDP Campi Flegrei Caldera Deep Drilling Project, Italy
  • ISSYK Climate evolution in Central Asia during the past few million years: A case study from Lake Issyk-Kul
  • DSDDP: Dead Sea Deep Drilling Project, Levant
  • PALEOVAN: Lake Van Drilling Project, Turkey
  • PASADO: Potrok Aike Sediment Archive Drilling Project, Argentina
  • BHDP: Blue Hole Drilling project, Belize
  • PISDP: Lake Petén Itzá Drilling Project, Guatemala